Strictly Roots: The Wailers

Greetings, I-thren !

WARNING: Over-exposure to heavy, conscious roots reggae might lead to manic hysteria against the very REAL phenomenon that I and I call the Babylon System !

The next crucial Roots Reggae musicians to explode the Reality in your face would definitely have to be The Wailers.

As Joe Higgs was the father of Reggae, we have, under his tutelage, one of the greatest bands to ever exist in our Time. Composed of Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, and Bunny Wailer, and almost always backed up by the Barrett brothers (Carlton and Aston), this was some of the best music coming out of Jamaica in the beginning of the 1970’s Roots era. Just utterly incredible.

After all, these are the young men who introduced Reggae to the world, and the terrible circumstances of impoverished people intended by means of the Babylon System. Still, despite incredible odds, they pushed the Positive Vibrations by spreading the Conscious Message of Jah Rastafari.

    RESPECT. Seen?

 Here is a spectacular video to showcase their genius and originality. What a great video. What incredible Music.


And here is a mind-blowing track that will bring chills up your spine….because yes…..this is our history. NEVER forget…

From the classic, revolutionary album that personally changed my life, “Catch A Fire”.

    POST SCRIPT: Despite these links saying “Bob Marley & The Wailers”……..they were actually just simply, “The Wailers”. Don’t mind the misinformation on the links.

Stand firm in your own resolve, Rasta !

   Faith in JAH RASTAFARI !!!

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