Addis Pablo – One Love, One Heart, One Family

Addis Pablo, son of the great Augustus Pablo has been making waves throughout last year and into 2014. Along with his “Suns of Dub” crew, they have carried a legacy which may have died out in modern times, blending modern reggae, dub, and even EDM with the irresistible, dread shaking sound of the melodica.

This is only a preview and one of three vinyls being released in 2014 by the Suns of Dub crew, but think of it as an appetite wetter, it certainly made our mouth water and crave more!


We knew you’d want more!  So here is last years official mixtape produced by Walshy Fire of the Major Lazer crew! (Includes FREE download!)


Check out part 1 of a 3 part mini-series, “Meditations” from LargeUP, featuring Addis Pablo and friends, fittingly shot in the hills of Jamaica and featuring Jesser Royal and other artists at their most humble, natural being.

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