Sara Lugo and Friends

Sara Lugo is a German girl who sings over reggae (pop) tracks and has released solo albums but didn’t really start blowing up until she teamed up with some bigger, more genuine names, including Protoje. This may be because her beautiful voice lends itself towards collaborations, needing an edgy artist to come in with the hooks.

Seems fitting though that her latest release is titled “Sara Lugo and Friends”, seems like a good way for her to stay relevant as well as pay back some of the credit which is owed to all the other artists she’s teamed up with.

This album features the likes of Protoje, Jah 9, Lutan Fyah, and Kabaka Pyramid so there is no doubt that there is quality music and production all over this. Still, it’s an album which is only possible through the “piggy backing” opportunities she’s created for herself.

Top tracks on the album include “Rejoice” ft Jah 9, “Really Like You” ft. Protoje, “Dubbing is a Must” ft. Skarra Mucci, and “They Know Not Love” ft. Lutan Fyah.

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