“Yellow Fever” A short film about African women and Self-Image

This is a short artistic film by a Kenyan film maker by the name of Ng’endo Mukii as part of her thesis project at London’s Royal College of Art.

Engaging, compelling and with a clear message, the combination of animation, spoken work, artistic interpretation and and music will keep you glued for the seven minutes this short film runs. It’s easy to see why this film has won multiple awards and is creating a buzz.

What is it all about? Why is it important?

It tells of a trend which has been growing in popularity among black women, a dissatisfaction with the color of their skin. Women seek out creams and products in an effort to whiten their skin, an effort to look more “western”.

Although the subject of the video deals with black women, the theme of discomfort and dissatisfaction with ones own appearance is something that resonates with everyone. As Mukii states, “we are all a little uncomfortable”.

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