Protoje – “Ancient Future” Review + Making of Video

Protoje’s much anticipated studio release “Ancient Future” dropped last night at midnight and the buzz that it has created is not only palpable, but deserved.

Reggae music has been growing, and growing, thanks in no small part to Protoje and the “Reggae Revival” movement he has helped spearhead. Over the last couple of years, a group of young, inspired, conscious artists has banded together to bring Reggae to higher heights, and show the world that Reggae has a message, is positive and is infectious.

Ancient Future is a production masterpiece, if I had to sum it up. It delivers nothing new in terms of what we’ve come to expect from Protoje lyrically, but the way music and artist are matched together indicates that production guru Winta James has really perfected his craft. Attention to detail is at a maximum and the resulting sound is an ultra modern, original reggae sound. It’s as if Reggae has been given a facelift, and she looks beautiful!

Protoje’s original, smooth lyrical style is very much still present, filled with intellectual lines and personal stories that connect the fans to the artist. Always spiritual, ever flowing, and with hints of hip-hop at times, Protoje’s delivery and content is really and truly flawless.

There are also a few exciting features on this album including rising female reggae siren Sevana, as well as Kabaka Pyramid, Jesse Royal and of course Chronixx. These are a few of the young artists lifting the “Reggae Revival”, all on the same album. Although Chronixx steals the show with his feature on the anthemic “Who Knows”, Sevan is my pick of the bunch. Featured on “Love Gone Cold” and “Sudden Flight”, we are able to hear her impressive, soothing vocal talents which are slowly but surely launching her into the Reggae spotlight. Kabaka Pyramid adds his flavor on “The Flame”, the last track on the album to round everything off.

It almost seems like this album has been created to set a new standard in mainstream reggae. Purists and roots lovers may have mixed opinions, but taking the album for what it is, a modern day reggae production, Ancient Future is fun, bouncy, good vibes. Pull it up selecta!

I feel like I could just keep on talking about positive vibes and the energies and this and that…” – Protoje


To go with the album launch, Indiggnation collective has released this short “Making of” video (below) where Protoje discusses the concept behind the album, his studio rituals, and how being on the road has influenced the process and his growth as an artist. Keep scrolling down to find the full track listing + links to some good good sh*t.


Sevana Siren

Kabaka Pyramid

Jesse Royal



01. Protection feat. Mortimer
02. Criminal
03. Who Knows feat. Chronixx
04. All Will Have To Change
05. Stylin’
06. Love Gone Cold feat. Sevana
07. Sudden Flight feat. Jesse Royal & Sevana
08. Bubblin’
09. Answer To Your Name
10. Who Can You Call
11. The Flame feat. Kabaka Pyramid

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