A day with Popcaan’s Unruly Gang + OVO Crew

Popcaan is a mainstay in modern Dancehall, and so big is his popularity and reach, that Drake has become a personal friend of his (is that really a sign of sucess? I don’t know…). Popcaan and the unruly gang receive a phone call from Drizzy himself towards the end of the video and even get shoutouts on Drake’s latest album “If You’re Reading this It’s Too Late” (every single track on this album is on the Billboard Top 100!). Check out “Know Yourself” and see if you can hear the name drops.

All this goes to say that it must be nice being a superstar… And this video shows us just HOW nice it can be. Don’t expect lavish cribs, pet tigers, stripper poles etc… This isn’t America, this is JA, and mostly, artists here are real people, mixing with other real people, doing real people things. Also, this must be a day off for Poppy, cuz there’s nothing but raving, hanging out, lots and lots of big head spliffs, drinking and straight unrulyness with the likes of Aidonia, and Chi Ching Ching.

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