Acoustic album coming from Barrington Levy!

Barrington Levy is the next in line to follow an ever growing trend for reggae artists to perform/record/release acoustic sets. Personally I find the acoustic reggae attempts to be hit or miss, it’s difficult to take all the energy from a full production and reduce it to an acoustic version.

Barrington Levy is a dancehall king, and although the best years of his career are likely behind him, I’m really hoping this acoustic release is a hit and not a dud. Nothing is sadder than seeing an old artist/athlete/entertainer gasping for air at the end of what has been a highly succesful and fruitful career. For me, Levy is a pioneer, a legend and one of my first favorites, however, I’m definitively worried that this release won’t be all that it’s hyped up to be.

Live in Tijuana, Mexico (photo by: @josslikeaboss)

Live in Tijuana, Mexico (photo by: @josslikeaboss)

Based on what’s been circulating through the grapevines, it will be a vinyl only release including mostly new songs, never heard by audiences before. This is a risky game to play, if the tracks aren’t up to par with what “Mr. Cool and Loving” has done before, it will be hard to get people interested. Additionally, we’ve come to expect such energy from Mr. Levy, with his booming vocals, how will this translate to a quieter, smaller, less forgiving set?

Regardless of the reception this album receives, nothing can knock Barrington Levy from his throne as one of the original Dancehall Kings. I’m excited to have a listen. Be on the lookout!

Here are some previous acoustic productions from reggae/dancehall artists:

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Gyptian – NPR Tiny Desk Concert (Success!)

Tarrus Riley – NPR Tiny Desk Concert (Success!)

Tarrus Riley – MEcoustic (?)

Richie Spice – Soothing Sounds Acoustic (Not quite there…)

I-Wayne – NPR Tiny Desk Concert (Success!)

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