The Badness King. Who is Dj Fearless? (Profile)

Dj Fearless is undoubtedly the Badness King. Don’t believe me? You probably haven’t heard one of his many mixtapes then.

Dj Fearless has established himself as one of the hottest and most active DJ’s on the Dancehall scene right now with a constant stream of mixtape releases, already 4 in the year of 2015! Coming out of South London, he has managed to reach corners of the world through via the internet and is gaining an ever growing fan base as well as support from the biggest artists in the scene.

Distinguishing yourself as a top DJ in the Dancehall world is no easy ask, but his consistency, experience and ability to line up hits back to front is bringing Dj Fearless to the forefront.

Here is a recent interview with the DRM group where he shares about his Jamaican roots and how it all started as well as giving his insight on the current Dancehall scene, his preferred tracks and what the rest of 2015 will bring.

Need more? Yeah you do… Here are links to some of my favorite DJ Fearless mixtapes as well as access to his social media pages. Also, look out for the latest mix “Friday the 13th” dropping on… you guessed, Friday the 13th. Straight badness!

Clean Winter Mixtape

Bun Badmind Mixtape

Devils Advocate Mixtape

Rail Up Mixtape

DJ Fearless Facebook

DJ Fearless Twitter

DJ Fearless SoundCloud

One response to “The Badness King. Who is Dj Fearless? (Profile)

  1. I purchased an #Exclusive Vybz Kartel Mixtape from DjFearless for $70US, on January 8, 2015 via PayPal. I had a verbal conversation with this DJ Fearless regarding what I wanted (A Mix with different artists or A Worldboss Mix. I decided On Vybz Kartel High-Energy Mixtape) that I can listen to at the Gym. Prior to providing him with my track-list he informed me that once I pay for the mixtape and receive the audio files and a CD Copy he would be deleting my mixtape from his computer (this was also written on his Flyer). He also stated both verbally and in writing that he wouldn’t be uploading my *Exclusive mix on Soundcloud or his YouTube channels. I received a preview sample mix a week later which I didn’t like (too many Fvck tunes). I told DJ fearless that he needed to create another for me cause I hated the preview sample. I then made a list of all my Fave Kartel tunes from my iTunes purchases over the years and searched YouYube for any songs I may have missed. As time went by I realized that he is taking too long to produce my Mixtape (he initially told me 1 hour, is normal time for him) so I called him around midnight on the Jan 19, 2015 and told him that he had taken too long to produce my Mixtape and requested a refund!!! He told me that my Mixtape was finished and he just needed to do something to it. In the end, after a couple day when I realized he is not returning my payment, I called him and asked him to send my mixtape. When I listened to it finally, I realized that It’s not what I expected because he added some badness tunes that I didn’t like. ….A couple weeks ago I realized that this DjHeartless uploaded my *ExclusiveMixtape onto his SoundCloud channel, as if it’s his. I do not trust people like #DJFearless. You deceived a Fan and you never sold me 2 Mixtapes for the price of 1. Your are not only deceitful, you are also a liar.


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