Morgan Heritage – Strictly Roots (Album Preview)

If you’ve been following the Reggae world you might have noticed that it’s the time of year where artists are releasing albums like fire spreading through the bush. What a wonderful time it is.

Here’s an album preview from Morgan Heritage’s upcoming April 20 “Strictly Roots” release. From the small taste we get on this preview you can hear a modern and infectious roots reggae sound. These guys are legends and seemingly, they aren’t going to let themselves or their fans down with this album, not that you would expect anything but greatness…

Another positive coming from this album is the collaborations with current Reggae superstars. There’s nothing wrong with mixing old and new, this will be Morgan Heritage’s 10th studio release, and I’m excited to see what collaborations with the likes of Chronixx and J. Boog results in.

Final thought,Ithis album will be released under their own record label “CTBC Music” (Cool To Be Conscious). I wonder who they’re planning on signing to the label?

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