Artist Profile: Kranium

Kranium is gaining ground as a top Dancehall artist


Kranium is an artist who bust onto the scene with his smash hit “Nobody Has To know”. Not much was known about him before that track and he’s managed to stay relatively under the radar ever since. This doesn’t mean he hasn’t been releasing new music and touring in the meantime.

Ricky Blaze

After linking up with Brooklyn producer and artist Ricky Blaze, it seems his career may be kicking off again. It makes sense that these two are working together, both NY residents with island roots, however Kranium admits that not being from the islands has been one of the greatest barriers he’s faced as a breakthrough artist. We’re still waiting for a studio debut but in the meantime there’s plenty to get excited about. Based on his previous work and the way he’s approaching the future Kranium is still in the mix and will surely continue to grow as an artist, he’s as authentic as they come.

Kranium and Ricky Blaze UK Tour Vlog:

Kranium Tracks

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