“I Love Kuduro” Documentary

Kuduro craze comes to life in “I Love Kuduro”


Here are a couple snippets from an upcoming Angolan documentary which follows the lives of Bruno de Castro, Eduardo Paim,Sebém, Nagrelha, Hochi Fu, Namayer, Tchobari, Titica, Francis Boy and Cabo Snoop, the up and coming African stars of the Kuduro world, “Kuduristas”.

“Kuduro” which literally means “hard ass” is more than music, it’s more than a dance, it is a lifestyle, a dream and a for of expression for many. It bring happiness and hope to millions who face hardships from day to day. “I Love Kuduro” featured at the Rio Film Festival in 2013 and will be screened again at the “Hot Docs International Film Festival” in Canada this December. In the meantime catch a glimpse of what’s to come and stay tuned for more at their website ilovekudurofilm.com.

Watch the second trailer HERE courtesy of “Nowness”.

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