Friday Top 5! (Nov. 14)

This week’s top 5 is delivered a little later on in the day but does not mean it isn’t filled with bangers! Why don’t we get right to it then…

#1. Sevana – Bit Too Shy

As soon as this track hit the tweeters (speakers) on the sound system it shot straight to number one and no other track was gonna take it’s spot at the top, no matter what! Sevana, the beautiful and soulful Jamaican “siren” coming out of Kingston teamed up with “Reggae Revival” leader Protoje, and producer Wynta to create a true Reggae masterpiece. You can hear Protoje’s influence in the music but the star of the show is the powerful, sultry voice of Sevana! You’ll probably be as hooked on her as we are and want to find out more, so just click HERE for a behind the scenes interview and a “making of” Bit Too Shy.

#2. Tydal – Piece A Mi Love

Tydal has been around for about four years now, making his name in the Reggae scene with various EP’s and single releases, so it’s a surprise that he is yet to release his debut album. But all of that has changed, this week,  with a Nov. 11 release of “Mission Incomplete”, Tydal’s first, full, studio release. Off that album comes “Piece A Mi Love”, a catchy (Gyptian sounding) track about how many gyal dem he’s able to conquer. Big up yuh self Tydal! This track is a banger, if it weren’t for Sevana, it probably would have hit the #1 spot.

#3. Lion D – Ruff Inna Town

An artist who has been making the rounds for a few years but this is the first time I’ve heard of him, and what an impression he made. A “Rasta” artist, using words to describe the world around him and the injustice which exists through powerful and uplifting lyric, Lion D delivers a rootsy, rootsy track with “Ruff Inna Town”.

#4. Gyptian – Send Them Come

Gyptian was mentioned earlier, but he’s also making an appearance on the chart! “Send Them Come” off the “Push Back Riddim” is what you would expect from the smooth, womanizing artist. This track delivers his classic sound on a pop-driven, Dancehall riddim. Pure Niceness.

#5. Aidonia – Lightning

This is a fast paced, badman track from Aidonia. He delivers his signature vocals over the “Wul Dem Again” riddim and does it with ease. This track is 100% energy throughout and will make you screw up your face, badman style!

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