Sevana Siren and the rise of female Reggae stars.

Sevana Siren is the next female star of Reggae.

Female Jamaican artists have up to now played a major role within the Dancehall world where raunchy lyrics, sexy looks, and over the top performances help to market their image, but within that world there is still a sense of objectification instead of respect and recognition for true art and talent. This does not mean that becoming a female Dancehall or Reggae artist is easy in any way, but it certainly requires more tact and true musical talent to rise to the top of a male dominated music scene. In comes Sevana.

Something really positive has been happening over the last few years, more and more female reggae singers are making it to the front lines and mixing it up with the men in this modern age of reggae. In the past few years we have seen the likes of Hollie Cook, Jah9, and Kelissa rising to fame and really popularizing the female voice again within the reggae scene. I like to credit this trend in part to the “Reggae Revolution” which has been spearheaded by the likes of Protoje, and Chronixx. These artists have been changing the reggae scene globally and are bringing the music back to what really matters, conscious lyrics about unity, respect and strength, music that the people can relate to and get behind. For a long time, the Jamaican music scene was ruled by a “badman” mentality lead by Dancehall kings like Vybz Kartel, but this is slowly changing and moving in a more positive direction, making room for strong female artists with soft voices, and lyrics about love and personal growth.

Still a young artist, Sevana’s music along with her stunning and strong African beauty are already causing people to turn heads and really have me begging for more. The Kingston singer who describes herself as a soulful person, released “Bit Too Shy” recently, her first track I heard and immediately had me hooked on her. Turns out this track was co-produced by Protoje, which explains the undeniable modern roots sound on the track. I leave you here with a previous release of hers, “Chant It”, as well as “Bit Too Shy” and a behind the scenes video which will have you falling in love with her.

Bit Too Shy – Sevana

Behind the Scenes With Sevana

Chant It – Sevana

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