Gentleman – MTV Unplugged

Gentleman delivers an acoustic from his hometown Cologne without losing any of the energy his music is known for.

To follow up on the last post about acoustic sets and the different feeling they bring compared to their studio counterparts, I wanted to share with you Gentleman’s latest release, an MTV Unplugged set.

Gentleman MTV Unplugged

MTV’s Unplugged debuted in 1989 and gained popularity year after year, attracting popular acts from different genres such as Aerosmith, Nirvana, Elton John, Blackstreet, even Korn got a shot at it, and most recently Miley Cyrus. Although these artists all have very different musical attitudes and sounds, MTV manages to keep their format uniform and deliver an “acoustic” set which is easily appreciated by anyone. It’s equal parts theater/music and audience which creates the right atmosphere.

Gentleman MTV Unplugged (Shaggy)

The MTV Unplugged series of concerts peaked at a certain point during the 90’s and as far as most people were concerned, it lost traction. This set by Gentleman is here to remind us about the MTV Unplugged experience, featuring a full orchestra, band, beautiful backing vocals, guest appearances (including Shaggy, Chris Martin, Ky-Mani Marley)  and an audience, there isn’t much to dislike. See for yourself how Gentleman delivers a 17 track reggae music journey. Pure Niceness.

This YouTube playlist from Vertigo TV included a “Making Of” hosted by BBC’s Robbo Ranx, and recording of tracks Superior, Dem Gone, Warn Dem (Ft. Shaggy) and a few more.

Listen to the full set here, compliments of Gentleman’s Soundcloud profile:

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