Dancehall, Reggae and African music at it’s most raw on NPR’s Tiny Desk

As a lover of multiple genres of music, my eyes and ears are everywhere always searching for more. One of the sources I subscribe to is NPR’s “Tiny Desk” to watch their series of concerts which provide a short and very intimate set from a range of different artists, which most recently included Banks and T-Pain.

I-Wayne NPR Tiny Desk

In this post though I wanted to share a few of my favorite performances from Dancehall, Reggae and African artists. These live sets really expose the raw talent that these artists and their supporting musicians have, which is something which can be easily underestimated or overlooked in our time where music is highly produced and electronically driven. Underneath all the autotune, 808’s and synthesizers there is an original concept for a song, substance written by real musicians which gets built on to become the radio friendly versions which we eventually get to hear.

Tarrus Riley NPR Tiny Desk

The following are sets from Dancehall star Gyptian, Reggae legend “Mr. Singy” Tarrus Riley, “Living in Love” and “Can’t Satisfy Her” singer I-Wayne and Zimbabwean musician Oliver Mtukudzi. These sessions make it easy to appreciate songs in their most raw form and see these artists in a different light. I often found myself unintentionally smiling while watching/listening to these sets, hopefully the same will happen to you.

Gyptian NPR Tiny Desk


Tarrus Riley


Oliver Mtukudzi

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