Have no FEAR! Friday’s TOP 5 is Here. (Oct. 31)

It’s Halloween weekend and everyone across the world is getting weird, drunk, and the street will be looking like a cross between a zombie apocalypse and a Disney movie. Over here though we’re still focused on the music, at least until later. Have some fuel for your fire, check out the top 5 tracks of the week and smash up the Halloween fete with dem!

#1. Kerwin Duboi – Too Real

The Soca master does not disappoint with his music. His tracks are explosive, like shaking up a coca-cola bottle and popping the cap off then spraying it all over your friends. Get shaking!

#2. Kinetical – Chant Down Babylon

Number two comes from Austrian MC “Kinetical”, delivering a potent, hip-hop infused reggae flow which some would call “Rasta Rap”. Not sure we endorse that term but this track definitively gets the stamp of approval. This is a dubplate which can be found on the upcoming “Crossroads to Ethiopia” Mixtape by DJ Rasfamilia.

#3. Lutan Fyah – One Pants Bwoy

Fyah fyah! A track about overcoming obstacles and dutty badmind to rise to the top! Stay humble, stay strong and believe in yourself above anything else. Straight track right here.

#4. Mr. Patze – She Waan Go Dance

A Reggaeville artist we were yet to discover, Mr. Patze pushed his way into our ears with this sweet, sweet reggae music track. She Waan Go Dance! Not more needs to be said, lend an ear.

#5. Alkaline – In The World

Rounding off the countdown, Alkaline delivering more upbeat party tunes. A song about different walks of life across the world, weather it be shelling down or hardship, the world is a cycle. We know what to expect from Alkaline nowadays as he continues to cement his style in the Dancehall arena, somewhat filling the void being left by Vybz?

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