Rebelution – Count Me In

Here is southern California’s latest release “Count Me In” from Rebelution. One thing to note about Rebelution is how the production quality and overall neatness of their sound has improved as the years have ticked on. They have come a long way since the days of “Courage to Grow”, their first studio release. However, they have not strayed from their SoCal reggae sound which makes them so popular, at least on their side of the world. This album delivers that familiar feel and encompasses an overall positive sound, exemplified by track 3, “More Love”.

It may be hard to respect this spinoff style of reggae which includes touches of Sublime, pop, rock etc.(a prime example being track 5 “Fade Away”), but taking the music for what it is without comparing it to the original island reggae sounds which birthed it, Rebelution can be given merit in their own realm.

You know who else thinks so? Be sure to check out the collaborations on this album with Collie Buddz and legendary Don Carlos. Big Up!

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