Hollie Cook – Twice

Who is Hollie Cook and why is she worth noting? Simply put, Hollie Cook is modern, harmonic, reggae music excellence coming out of the UK. The sound produced off this album is entrancing (wonderful for those who enjoy toking on the peace pipe), with her voice guiding you through the entire journey. Musically the album is outstanding, with a classic roots sound which at times comes off villainous, but is modern and with all the right attention to details. Needless to say, you’ll be bouncing to this record from start to finish.

Listening to this album titled “Twice”, you get that excitement which you only feel when listening to a front-to-back gem. When one track ends it’s a disappointment and you’ll want to pull it back, but it’s too late because the next track has already begun and sadness becomes joy once again as she guides you through a personal story of love lost.

Enough from me. Lend your ear and make up your own mind right here!

PLUS! Check out her video for “Looking for Real Love”

Still want more?! Here’s her first album, self titled “Hollie Cook”. A bit rougher around the edges but c’mon…

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