Kasimaba. Kenyan reggae by way of Norway.

KaSimba is a Kenyan reggae artist who has been based in Norway for the past ten years. This has not stopped him from rhyming and delivering in Swahili, one of the four languages KaSimba performs in.

This mixtape “Lion City Chronicles” is the first release under his own label Lion City Entertainment. The music off this track promotes positivity and talks about modern day issues faced by Kenyans. As is the case with conscious reggae music, it relates to many outside of  his home country as well.

This mixtape has an original sound with a message worth promoting, the standout track being “Amani Na Upendo”, recorded over a very familiar riddim release from 2013. Overall the mixtape is a success although long winded at a whopping 18 tracks. Worth a listen, you rate it!


Here is the video for “Amani Na Upendo”, shot in Norway:

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