Vital sounds from Uk’s “Vital Sound”

If it’s a classic rootsy, rootsy vibration you seek, have a listen to these next mixes from “Vital Sound“.

Based out of London, UK, little more is known about this group of DJ’s (DJ Turna, Lady law, Doube D, JBT), but with mixes like this we have our fingers crossed, just hoping there is more to discover.

Here is the first of two excellent mixes: The “Roots and Culture Reggae Mix”. This mix is full of classic, original 1970’s conscious, roots reggae tracks featuring the likes of Don Carlos, Horace Andy, Junior Reed, The Abyssinians, and more true reggae legends!

The second mix on display is the “Vital Sound Dubplate Mix”. A more modern mix featuring Sizzla, the Uk’s Gappy Ranks, Tippa Irie and more. This mix will get you and yours skanking it nice and good.

Want more!? Check out their Podomatic page where you can find more more mixes and track listings. Don’t forget both of the mixes above include FREE downloads!


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