Sarkodie – Original

Ghanaian front runner Sarkodie releases video for “Original” on his birthday.

So Sarkodie went and released an official video for his track “Original”, personally I’m somewhat disappointed. Am I disappointed in the video? No. I am disappointed with a trend which I hope stops here…

African artists striving and trying so hard to match and become like their American counter parts. I don’t condone African artists diving into Hip-Hop and “Rick Ross” type beats, it’s not original and it dissipates the spirit and beauty of African music and culture. Now, this isn’t an attack on African artists alone, let me point out that this trend is even more prominent in the Jamaican dancehall scene, with the likes of Mavado striking it big with the MMG label. I understand the strive for success, wealth and fame but hope and pray that they will find a way to reach foreign audiences by staying true to their roots, people, music and culture. Sarkodie will remain a top African artist and I don’t lose respect or love for him or his work, I only ask that this doesn’t spread. Afrobeats, Azonto, Hi-Life me say!

Hit the jump for Sarkodie’s “Original” video and form your own opinion.

+ Catch Sarkodie at his Afrobeats best right here!

Bless up!

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