Discovering new music is like making a wise investment. As you begin to learn and listen to the message and music, your wealth and joy grows. “Jahcoustix” is an artist who has been around for some time but that I have only recently stumbled across.


Initially I was intrigued by his personal background and made a connection with the fact that the German born Jahcoustix had moved around and lived in several different countries including Kenya, and Egypt throughout his upbringing, much like myself. It’s the music though that will capture roots reggae loving audiences.

This his sixth studio album titled “Frequency” delivers 17 tracks of rootsy vibrations and positive praise to the most high. Roots reggae with kicking bass, organ licks, classic drums beats, conscious lyrics, beautiful undeniable horns and harmonizing voices.

Bless up!

Catch a glimpse at the “Frequency” album in this condensed megamix version.

Don’t miss this BIG tune from Jahcoustix:

Free your mind! Express yourself!

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