Rumor – Poetic Licence

Curtis Nana Benyin Quarshie, AKA “Rumor” is an Accra, Ghana based rapper who exhibits an original flow with creative lyrical content and well produced modern hip-hop beats.

His first venture into rapping came at the age of 14 after he teamed up with K-Yos, Loonee and Boyd from Pope John Senior High School to release “The New Era” mixtape under the group name “Arms of War”. This amateur tape created ripples in the local scene and was an indicator of future success.

His influences Talib Kweli, Common, Rae Kwan, Killa Priest, Mos Def, Nas, Jay-Z and Lupe Fiasco, all part of Rawkus Records Project “Lyricists Lounge” are the figures who turned Rumor away from singing and towards rapping, a gift which would bring him a bright future. His debut EP, “Fans, Friends and Followers” was released in 2012, after ”My Epitome” his first single from the EP became a hit upon release in August 2011. This was the seed which sprouted into a solo career.

Look out for track 8 “Broke and Famous” and feel free to skip track 9 “Buzunga”, a forced remix of Ace Hood and hip-hop giant Rick Ross’s “Bugatti”. It should also be noted track 6, “Hangover”, is produced by “Juls“, a fellow Ghanaian producer who has become an integral part of the modern afrobeats scene.

Bless up!

Listen to “Poetic Licence” in its entirety right here!

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