Barrington Levy Live in Tijuana, Mexico

Live in Tijuana, Mexico (photo by: @josslikeaboss)

Living legend Barrington Levy paid  a visit to the “Black Box” venue in Tijuana, Mexico last night May 24, 2013, an event organized by the San Diego World Beat Center. There he delivered a performance filled with the energy and passion he is so known and loved for. Bellowing out his trademark sounds and working past language barriers, even taking time to educate the crowd on the patios dialect, “if you listen to reggae music you have to know patios, it is our native language.”

At the ripe age of 49, this Clarendon legend has not lost his enthusiasm and love for reggae/dancehall music, after all he is one of the Dancehall originators. The two hour set kept the crowd skanking and sweating to true and pure Jamaican vibes.

This performance will be followed by an appearance at the Los Angeles Regga/Jazz festival held at the UCLA ground on the 27th of May. Part of a two day festival, mr. Levy will be performing alongside Ziggy Marley, Marcia Griffiths and dancehall legend Mr. Vegas.

Bless up!

Live in Tijuana, Mexico

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